Dalai Guana

Dalai Guana“Dalai Guana”   Digital    6.5″ x 6.5″

Long time no see internet. How have you been? How’re the kids? It’s been too long, friend.

With San Diego Comic Con coming up in a week, I figured now would be a good time to dust off the old WordPress blog and put up some artwork!

Today, I have a logo piece I did for my roommates Iguana based tumblr called “The Dalai Guana”. You can find the wise ones musings at:


In addition to this post, I am proud to announce the return of Off The Clock, my webcomic superhero series! After moving to a new webhost, the comic will be back up and publishing regularly at the new URL:


With the first return comic available at the following URL:


The Duo are back and up to even crazier shenanigans than before! Check back regularly for new comics!

Well Internet, It’s been great catching up, lets do this again real soon,






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