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SDCC Wrap-Up

SDCC Wrap-Up

It’s been a week since Comic Con International and figured an update was due. Comic Con was a blast, got to meet a lot of great people in the industry and expanded my knowledge of comics and the arts. Portfolio reviews were awesome this year; Thank you to all who took the time to review my work and offer their advice and expertise!

As a special “post-Con” treat, I present some of this years sketches from my signature book. Once I determine that I will be getting a signature of someone famous, I begin a simple caricature sketch in my book of said person. This often is done entirely while waiting IN LINE. Sketch and simple inking. This year, three of my favorites were the Mythbusters and of course, Mr. Robert Kirkman!


Comic Con and The Shot of the West Pt.3

Comic Con and The Shot of the West Pt.3

Shot of the West” 11×14, digital and traditional

Greeting friends old and new! For those of you who do not know, Comic Con International is upon us! As I am doing portfolio review this weekend, I’m sure there will be new traffic to this webpage from many new readers, so again I say welcome!

For those interested in online portfolios of my work, they can be found here:

Behance Portfolio
deviantART (older work)

As an added treat, I present the finished Shot of the West!

Thanks for checking out my website! Be sure to check in periodically for new content and updates in future projects!


Shot of the West Pt.2

Howdy Partner! I felt like revisiting the Shot of the West character drawing I did a while back for this post. I will be making it into a full illustration for Comic Con, which is only a few weeks out now!


“Shot of the West” 9.5″ x 13.5″, digital


Well, Excuse Me Princess!

Yesterday, I asked my niece what I should draw, having taken a break from other illustrations. I suggested it be something awesome, crazy and out of this world. She insisted it should be a princess. And not just ANY princess; her favorite Disney © princess, Snow White. So, eager to not disappoint the four-year-old sitting next to me, I happily accepted her challenge. Ladies and Gentlemen, Snow White :



“Snow White”, 9 x 11, digital

Burn Baby Burn

This is just a snippet of a work in progress I’ve been doing in my free time. It’ still mostly rough sketch, but some details have been honed down, and I added some real basic fire because…well…its fire. This future illustration came to me after watching lots of Game of Thrones and playing far too much of the game “Dark Souls”. As a result, I felt I needed some plate-mail in my portfolio. I will be posting more on this piece (and other long forgotten WIP’s) as I continue making work for Comic Con in July, so keep and eye out!


“Block and Riposte”, 8.5″ x 14.5″, digital