Sweet Dreams are Made of This.

More specifically, Sweet Dreams are made from eating extra spicy Mai Fun before bed. Let me explain the sort of dream I had the other night. The tale has 3 separate parts. The first section was straight out of Paranormal Activity. I was staying in my Aunts old apartment, and kept encountering minor haunts, gradually getting more noticeable. After a while, I was standing in the kitchen with a bowl of unpopped popcorn, and was startled, spilling the kernels everywhere. The outline of the ghost appearing in the falling popcorn and I ran into the shower to hide, where I again was spooked, slipped and knocked myself out. When I came to, I had transitioned to some random shopping mall where I was watching live auditions for the television show “The Voice”. Two things occurred to me while watching these live auditions in the mall. One, why are they still letting people audition if they have no more spots on the judges teams, and two, why are they auditioning people in a mall. Apparently I didn’t dwell on it much, because I continued my journey in the mall, encountering a quartet group that was auditioning. They began singing commercial jingles from my childhood, including Kit Kat, the Oscar Meyer Wiener jingle, and the Perfection board game (For those of you who don’t remember Perfection’s commercials – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UO4osBoMI8). I did some wondering about, before deciding to take an escalator to another floor. It was at this time I realized I was wearing women’s high-heeled shoes. Don’t know what to make of that. Once at the top of the escalator, I stopped by a television/billboard to watch a trailer for a new movie my brain decided was coming out. The movie was about a rough and tumble inner city black kid who moves to Arizona and somehow ages 60 years. The next thing I know, I’m in said movie scenario. I am in a mostly barren desert setting, with a few buildings surrounding me. But there is something amiss. The buildings, all major fast food complexes, are actually inflated balloon buildings…Fully functional and occupied. Balloon buildings. So, somehow I get ahold of an ATV and start running into the buildings causing them to pop. The mascots for said companies begin swarming my ATV in droves. Ronald McDonald, The Burger King, Jack in the Box guy, etc, all riding their own ATVs after me. Somehow I find an escalator, still in the desert of Arizona mind you, and ride it down to evade the corporate icons. At the bottom of the steps, I encountered a woman who had a 50 foot Harley Davidson and offered to ride me to safety. I hopped on and we rode off into the sunset. I woke up soon after.



  1. drawDevondraw

    I literally Lol’d with this post. First off, awesome memory on the “Perfection” song, and second, what exactly did that pair of heels look like and am I going to have to borrow them?

    Looks like I’m going to have to invest in some said “Mai Fun.”

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