Shot of the West


“The Shot of the West”

Hello again my friends, It certainly has been quite an age since my last post (which was before San Diego Comic Con). Unfortunately, I have been a busy bee, as I have vacated my school, my apartment and the state of Illinois. Currently reside in the distant country in South Carolina, where I will remain for an unspecified amount of time. Additionally, I had a bout of Appendicitis, which required quite a bit of recovery, but alas, all is well now.

In my absence, I feel I have neglected you, my dear readers. But fret not, for I will not be doing anymore of that! For your viewing pleasure, I present my current WIP, a character study of “The Shot of the West”, the co-protagonist in an upcoming western comic “Frontier”.

Additional WIP include “Off the Clock” which has received scripting and some rough work laid out, I hope to have that working shortly and on a regular basis. I am also working on the previously posted piece (Sword of the North…no relation to the Shot).

I am also working hard on a project for my nieces soccer team, which I will likely post tomorrow or so.

Anyway, my beloved readers, more will be coming in the next few days, slow but steady.

Cheers Friends


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