Valve/Nerdist Mash Up Contest

My word is has been a fortnight since I last stumbled upon this webpage. With the holidays and other time-sucking moments in my daily monotony, I have ONCE AGAIN neglected my lowly blog. So, to make up for that, I present some art for your lovely eyeballs to bask in!

This piece was what we in the industry call a”Holy crap that’s due tomorrow and I haven’t even started it and oh my god, what the hell is wrong with my ability to properly schedule my projects???” job. I started it last night and finished it earlier today for the Nerdist and Valve mash up contest! The contest was to take elements from the two companies and make the worlds best combined fan art for a chance to attend the DICE summit in Las Vegas. So, my brain quickly fired off an idea and my hands took care of the rest. Enjoy!



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