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One in the Hand, Two in the Bush

‘One in the Hand’   22×30   Spray Paint, Masking Tape, Soft Pastel and Gesso on Paper

‘Two in the Bush’     22×30    Spray Paint, Masking Tape, Soft Pastel and Gesso on Paper

Two works out of a series of four that will be done. Birds and Birds nests. Intriguing animals and their actions.


The Gifts of Summer

The Gifts of Summer 22 x 22, spray paint and chalk on paper

Its grilling season everyone and I couldn’t be happier. The winters of the midwest have a tendency to turn me away from wanting to whip out the charcoal and cook up some meat, so this early spring has been more than welcome. Grill on, my friends. Grill on.

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner– 22X19, Spray Paint and Ink on Paper

This is the “response” to Ben Stone 2012, in which I create a sort of social sarcasm about current events. This time, I created a stencil of a winning lottery ticket from the March 30th $640 Million Dollar Drawing. The vibrant ticket overshadows the character in the back, the impoverished man. Its a statement on the absurdity of what money can do to people, and how shallow our sights can become.

Ben Stone 2012

“Ben Stone 2012″  16″x25” Oil Pastel and Printed material

I was assigned to make a drawing that emulates the work of artist/professor Ben Stone. Ben, for those who don’t know, mostly works in sculpture, and NOT drawing/flat media. So I had to analyze how Ben thinks. And I decided to do a piece based on how Ben Stone would see the 2012 presidential election. And that would be to run for President.

The idea is based on the absolute absurd nature of the political race and how so many people seem to be ignorant to that absurdity. SO, My thought was, that Ben Stone would put together a political campaign based in the ridiculous (Hence the Napoleon complex and the Poop hat.) This ridiculous underground campaign would try to subtly enter into the world, to see just how numb people have become to the non-sense of 2012 politics.

Ben Stone 2012